Mill Certifications
“Just In Time Steel Supply”
Sales- Our inside sales staff fields your inquiries professionally, politely, and quickly. They are ready to answer a wide range of questions such as prices, stock length of the various shapes, and inventory levels currently in stock.
Wholesale & Retail steel sales
Mill bundles, full length, or specialty cut items available for purchase
We carry over 1,680 different items of Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. Any item not in stock can be ordered.
Payment options-
Visa/ MasterCard
Credit accounts available
Delivery- We have several trucks that are used to expedite delivery. A crew is brought in early to begin the loading process so that customers who use our delivery service receive their product the following day.
1. Same day/ Next day delivery
2. Prompt Delivery UPS direct ship on small orders
3. Straight truck site delivery
4. Flat bed semi trucks
5. Residential delivery
6. Container service for scrap pick-up
Expert Services-
4 Warehouses equipped with Crane and Forklift
Staffed by experienced forklift/ crane operators
Overhead Cranes for easy loading/ unloading
Multi-Port Freight Door Access
Cut-To-Haul service
Walk-in service
Call ahead orders for immediate cutting available with use of Visa/ MasterCard
Phone operators standing by for orders and quotations
Inspect your material prior to loading
Verify thicknesses
Check condition
Verify quantity
Full Stock, Heated Warehouses-
Beam warehouse
3-Bay loading/ unloading capability
Equipped with Mark II Marvel Saws, using cutting fluid +- 1/8” cutting accuracy
20” width cutting available
Cut up to a 60-foot piece of material
Mitre cutting available
Hole drilling available
Splice kits available
Equipped with a 10-ton overhead crane system
Easy loading / unloading of trucks & customers
Production warehouse
2-Bay loading/ unloading capability
Equipped with Mark II Marvel saws, using cutting fluid +- 1/8” cutting accuracy
Equipped with two 7 ½ ton crane systems
Walk-in service available
Sheet warehouse
Aluminum depot
We have ½” x 10’ capacity plate and sheet shears. These shears run non-stop, providing the service of taking stock pieces of plate as well as sheet products and cutting them to your specifications.
Iron Worker
The Peddinghaus Iron Worker performs the following tasks: 
CNC Oxy fuel burning machine-
Our unit has seven heads and is equipped to input data from our CAD program.