Turn Your Recycling into Cash at Slesnick Steel & Recycling Center

The New Year is a time when everyone seems to be making resolutions and plans for the upcoming months. We usually look at the “New Year” as a fresh start to new ideas. With these ideas usually come thoughts of wanting to take a vacation, buying a new TV, attending a concert, etc. However, with these items comes the need for a little extra cash. Slesnick Steel & Recycling Center has a way to help you put a little extra in your pocket for those items all while helping the environment.
When you bring your aluminum or metals in to Slesnick to be recycled you will receive cash for those items. Items could be aluminum cans, siding, vehicles, appliances, etc. This is a great way to turn those unwanted items into cash while helping to keep the landfill intake down.
Slesnick turns recycled items into scrap and then sends it onto the mills where new products such as vehicles, beams, pipe, appliances and more are produced for consumers to purchase.



Did you know it only takes 30 seconds for a vehicle to be shredded? At Slesnick, about 200 vehicles are shredded per day.