The Slesnick Iron & Metal Company, a fourth-generation family owned company, was founded in 1957. We concentrate our buying efforts mainly in Ohio. We sell to steel mills, aluminum mills, foundries, and refineries in the United States and China. The Slesnick story is one of fathers and sons, of founders and innovators, of progress and service. It began in 1919 when Barney Slesnick founded the family's first enterprise, the Slesnick Paper Company. After Barney's death in 1944, his son, Sidney, took over the business. Like his father before him, Sidney brought his own son, Stanley, into the family enterprise, and in 1957 the younger Slesnick established Slesnick Iron and Metal, a scrap metal recycling business that exists today. Stanley's son, Edward, joined the company when he graduated from Ohio State University in 1973. Combining their talents, father and son expanded Slesnick Iron and Metal by preparing and shipping large quantities of ferrous scrap metal for use in mills. The Slesnick family tradition continued in 1979 when Edward's brother, Jeffrey, graduated from Ohio State University and joined the business.
We provide roll-off services for many companies working both directly with industrial accounts and through contractors.
Our plant in Canton, OH primarily sorts and processes steel (ferrous), aluminum, copper and brass (non-ferrous) by shredding, shearing, and bailing.
We offer a clean state of the art facility. Utilizing the latest technology called Scrap Dragon; Slesnick Iron & Metal can make payments either by check or cash through our ATM.